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About us
Golden Spring is a group operating on an international scale. We are mainly active in Sino-African business and have a strong focus on government clients.
China and Africa have built up strong ties over the last three decades, and this has been a mutually beneficial cooperation. Golden Spring is proud to contribute to this relationship. 
Our core business is divided into four main divisions:
-          Purchasing services
-          Financing/investment
-          Construction consultancy and management
-          Natural resources
We are active in more than 30 countries.
All of our staff are fluent in at least two languages and highly committed to our core values of integrity, transparency and professionalism.
Having long-term experience in Sino-African business relationships, we are aware of the importance of creating mutually beneficial transactions to ensure long-term sustainability. Our experience enables us to deal effectively with different cultural backgrounds to achieve results.
We have an extensive network of high-level contacts through China and Africa in government and nongovernment sectors, which enables us to create solutions that are out-of-the-box and productive for all parties involved.
With our in-house and outsourced experts we are able to cover a wide range of products and services.
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