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Managing Director Pierre Michel 
Pierre Michel is the Managing Director of Golden Spring.  His international experience includes living and working in over 30 countries and on several continents. 
Having been born and raised in Africa, and having worked extensively in China and Europe, Pierre is familiar with and able to handle a vast spectrum of cultural and legal backgrounds.
Prior to founding Golden Spring, Pierre was the Chief Representative of Angodis Asia, based in Shanghai. At Angodis - a leading supplier to the government of Angola and several other African governments - he was in charge of all Asian purchases.
Together with his team, Pierre was managing a shipping volume of around 50,000 cubic meters per month. The Shanghai office was covering the whole supply chain from compiling the initial requests, analysing specs, and bidding processes, through to customs, tax refund and logistics.
Having held several international management positions, Pierre is fully aware of the importance of professionally training staff. Comprehensive training is provided by him to all staff prior to involvement with clients and on an ongoing basis.
At Golden Spring, Pierre has deeply implemented the core values of integrity, transparency and professionalism.
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