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 Company Philosophy
At Golden Spring our company credo is Clients First. We are convinced that this is the only way to build up a sustainable, long-term relationship, which will enable all parties involved to derive mutual benefits.
Our core values are integrity, transparency and professionalism.
Before getting involved with clients, all our staff are given extensive training on those core values, to ensure that the Golden Spring fundamentals are implemented from the commencement of our service. Complying with the core values is an important part of the monthly evaluation process of all employees.
We are 100% committed to client satisfaction, and highly encourage clients to always give us feedback to constantly improve our performance.
We pay great attention to detail, to ensure best results for our clients.
In the especially sensitive area of Purchasing, we always use two competing internal teams to ensure full transparency and the best price for our customers.
From the initial inquiry, through the entire process of compiling detailed specifications, making comparisons, and resolving on quotations for final delivery, every step is transparently and meticulously documented.


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