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Specs of Foldable Houses




There are many different design ideas for prefab houses but most of them do not necessarily meet the customer's requirements and needs.

We, Golden Spring Limited have made it to our mission to develop and manufacture the prefab house of the future by taking our customers' requirements and needs into consideration:

Our prefab house shall be:

 Cost effective and affordable
 Spacious and easy to assemble
 Multifunctional usage
 Green (Environmental Friendly)
 Easy to transport and cost saving in logistic
 Mobile with long service life time

We are proud to present our newly designed prefab house called "FUTURA" which fulfills all above mentioned criteria's.

"FUTURA" provides a real home to affordable prices and is a total built in solution. It is "Not only foldable but flexible" and can be used for multi purposes.
It requires no foundation and is easy and very quick to assemble (30min) by unskilled labors. (2-3) Not because of light, but Smart!!!
As a total built in solution all Doors, Windows, electrics etc. are already included.
Elaborate packing allows to load 6*30 ? FUTURA into one 40'HQ container which is a cost saving point for our customers.

In our vision we think green, and therefore carefully choose the materials built in our houses and make sure that they are recyclable, environment friendly and do not contain any chemical harming materials.

"FUTURA" is a modular, multipurpose housing solution that will serve your needs and requirements in the best possible manner.

Dimension and Weight:
 External Dimension (L*W*H): 5800*5180*2620(2510)
 Internal Dimension (L*W*H): 5500*5080*2475(2400)
 Weight: 2500kg per unit

Steel Framework

Material: Main frames are made from channel steel and RHS cube. Whole frames are well welded in the factory.

Surface working: all frames are painted Anti-rust paint.

 External wainscot: 0.3mm steel sheet.
 Insulation Filling: EPS in a thickness of 30mm among steel transverse supports.
 Steam blockade: PE foil in a thickness of 80µm
 Waterproof ply wood panel in a thickness of 18mm for dry area
 Glued PVC floor covering in a thickness of 1.5mm.

Permitted loading: 3.50 KN/m2
Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0.032 W/mk

Roofing is made of 0.35mm color steel sheet
Roofing panel: 50mm EPS sandwich panel

Permitted loading: 1.00 KN/m2
Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K= 0.030 W/m.k

Façade Wall

Wall panels are made of 50mm with 10kg density EPS foam sandwich panel. All panels are ficed in factory and hinged with roofing panel. The thickness of steel for panel is 0.35mm outside and 0.35mm for inside.

Permitted loading: 0.60 KN/M2
Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0.028 W/m.K

Door (1)
External door: steel, single fold, filled door with opening dimensions of 850*2000mm, furnished with a cylinder lock with 3 keys. Doorframe is made of galvanized steel, with overall dimensions of 900*2025mm, 50mm thick, made of painted sheet metal as the framework.

Windows (4)

Windows are made of : PVC, white color, with dimensions 900*1100mm, single glass in a thickness of 4mm, sliding style.

Electricals Installation

Standard: according to VDE 100 regulations or CCC standard, UL standard.
Voltage: 220/380 V, 50 Hz Network connections: CEE-connection plus/socket, 3-pole 32 A, 220V~, mounted on the top frame in upper corners of shorter side wall.
Inner distribution system: NyM-J cables of suitable dimensions, flush-mounted Protection: protective current switch (40/4E-0.03A), automatic fuses (B-characteristics) of suitable power (10A, 16A)
Earthling: galvanized connector with a steel plate of dimensions 30*80mm welded on the bottom frame.

 Electric distribution box-1*40/4E-0.03A (protective current switch), 1*10A&2*16A (automatic fuses)
 Single fluorescent lights 1*40W-4 each
 Flush-mounted sockets 220 V-6 each
 Flush-mounted switches 220V-2 each

Remark: Rights to technical changes are withheld.

Home >> Housing >> Foldable Houses >> Specs of Foldable Houses
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