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  Scope of Services
Scope of Services
Construction Project Consultancy and Management
Building up infrastructure in Africa is a challenge, but with the benefit of massive improvement for the inhabitants' living conditions.
In joint ventures with major Chinese companies we are active in the following sectors:
-          Roads and highways
-          Bridges
-          Railways
-          Water treatment plants
-          Hospitals
-          Ports
-          Airports
-          Power plants
-          Water supply and treatment plants
One of our focuses in Africa is social housing, since this sector has the highest impact on living conditions. While building complete turnkey projects, we have also developed a do-it-yourself kit. This methodology, developed and improved over the last years, will allow future users to completely fit out the concrete structure, ensuring massive savings on costs. Furthermore, it helps to save substantial amounts of time, since once the bare structure has been provided, all users can start completing housing simultaneously. This comprehensive kit includes items such as doors, windows, roof sheets, electric items, water supply and sewage pipes, paint, tiles, sanitary etc..
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