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  Scope of Services
Scope of Services
Purchasing Services
Purchasing services is one of Golden Spring's main divisions.
To ensure our clients always get the best price value for money, we always have two internal teams competing. Our current active database includes details of more than 5,000 qualified suppliers.  This database is constantly updated and evaluated by our staff. Our employees regularly attend fairs and other industry events to keep informed about new developments.
All the results of our sourcing are communicated in a detailed and transparent way to customers. We pay deep attention to all details and specs, this is especially important to make items comparable. Additionally, our technical experts will also advise you on alternative solutions and the pros and cons involved.
With our long-term experience in logistics, within our sourcing process we are also able to create added value for customers by handling the transportation element. Our range of services also includes taking care of all export formalities, insurances and also managing tax refunds. Furthermore, our engineers will provide pre-shipment inspections to check the quality of goods and loading.
Of course, every aspect of the above-mentioned steps will be meticulously documented, with the documentation efficiently provided to client.
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