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  Scope of Services
Scope of Services
Natural Resources
Natural resources are an important part of Sino-African business and relations, and Golden Spring is also happy to assist in this sector.
With the help of our in-house and outsourced teams we have gained a lot of experience about natural resources. Our experience in logistics also enables us to optimize on transportation.
Our service range is not limited to facilitating pure transactions, but goes much farther. We also, as sole investors or co-investors, provide investment and financing to government and nongovernment groups such that they are not hindered from using their natural resources by lack of funding. We are also involved in joint-ventures where, in addition to our capital, we provide our know-how and machinery.
In addition to this, we also provide external financing to countries/groups who do not have sufficient funds to explore their natural resources. In this field we cooperate with government organizations, as for example Exim bank, as well as with private organizations e.g. ICBC or Sino-African fund.
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