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  Scope of Services
Scope of Services
Financing and Investing


Our investment division specialises in the following sectors:

-          Infrastructure ( bridges, railway, dams, water treatment, ports, airports, tunnels, hospitals)
-          Renewable energies
-          Telecommunication
-          Solar energy
-          Transportation
-          Social housing
Especially in cases involving large projects, financing is often an issue for some countries. In those cases we can provide various forms of assistance, either as a direct investor or co-investor, or by arranging credits.
When acting as investor or co-investor, we will also provide knowledge and technical resources to underpin our financing. This especially applies when we create joint ventures with government entities.
When arranging financing, we either work together with government institutions, as for example Exim bank, or with private banks e.g. ICBC. Our company has long-term relationships with the top management of both sectors.
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